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Bastien Pinon, owner and founder of Cast Fine Woodworking, carries with him more than a decade of experience in the art and craft of woodworking. His studies in France and his work experience in Canada put his art at a high level standard. Now living in Cape-Breton, Nova Scotia, he opened his own shop to be able to live from his passion. His work is unique, original, contemporary and professionnal. 


He received his degree in 2005 has a moulder in Montluçon, France. He continued his FineArt specialisation at Bellecour school and he also studied drawing and sculpture at Emile Cohl school, both in Lyon, France.


In 2012 he moved in Montreal and worked has a carpenter for la TOHU. A place of diffusion, creation, experimentation and convergence between culture, environment and community involvement. In 2014 he started to work for Atelier JD, a company  specialised in creation and installation  of corporate and event decor since 1991. He served as a fine woodworker and a project manager. He refined the art of thematic decor, platforms, stages and turntables. In 2017, he moved in Nova Scotia and openend his company.